Oh no, I don’t want this night to end.

Brother treating both sisters to late lunch at Astons.

Chicken and sausage combo.

Black pepper fish.

Crispy fried fish.

I want to try all those yummy looking stuffs from Starbucks! I wanna, I wanna!

Met boyfriend at night, only had desserts at Dessert Ministry since we’re not feeling hungry.

Great desserts? Not sure about that though.
Great company? Yes! =)

Busy on my iPhone.

Very short video taken by boyfriend while I was busy playing with an iPhone application.


All of you must be wondering what I was doing on my iPhone, right? Tadaa!

Matcha Daifuku, boyfriend likes everything green tea other than strawberry. =P

Hehe. Cute.

Poke it with a fruit fork.

Then you start munching away… Omm nom nommmm.

Red bean paste and peanuts inside the green tea mochi.


Mixed Fruits Sago in Papaya with Lemon Jelly. Kind of tasteless and the sago is too soft.

Black sesame paste. I would say it’s a little diluted.

Very focused…

with Doodle Find! It’s quite addictive huh.

Love. =)

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