One look that’s all it took to send me to another galaxy.

Overtimed till late again, poor boyfriend always have to accompany me. Sorrie!

Dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe again, since we do not have much choice when most shops are closed.

Boyfriend is very focused on my iPhone because he wants to break my Doodle Find record. I laughed so hard on the bus when I took over to just play a game and I broke my record once again. Bwahahaha!

Staying very focused.

Still very engrossed with breaking my record.

Yuan yang and honey lemon.

Curry chicken with chee cheong fun, had to curb my craving for it even though it’s not as close as the one I have in Kampar. I must say the curry chicken is quite good.

Scooped out a thick layer of oil from my curry.

Fried rice with meat cubes.

Yishun GV is already opened! We watched Megamind, very funny. Megamind got a spider bite and nope, he did not become spiderman. =P

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