We all gotta reason to celebrate tonight.

David’s last day, we’re going to miss him.

Photoshoot is over! We’re all out for a celebration! Yippee!

All ready for our crab session at Mellben!

Even bought our own bottle of sparkling wine.

Chilli Crab.

Creamy Butter Crab.

There’s also Crab Bee Hoon too but we had to keep our cameras aside since we have to start eating. No picture of it taken.

Fried Mantous, must-haves to go with the sauces!

Sambal Kang Kong.

We finished everything single crab! Boyfriend and I were the last ones standing. Weee~

– – – – –

Time for some chilling at Little Part 1 Cafe.

At our hobbies again. All of you haven’t had enough of photoshoot?

More beers.

This is good, brewed by the nuns, fragrant but still a little bitter.

I had a beer too, Brown Cow, root beer with float. Hahaha!

Yeah, I’m drinking my boyfriend, because his zodiac is cow and he’s tan. Bwahahaha! Brown cow.