Oh, how I yearn for your touch.

Light dinner after work with boyfriend at AMK Hub, Sweet Spring.

Fried beancurd wrap, taste is not bad but very very oily, you can see oil dripping from them.

Xiao long bao. Okay, look at the picture. Fail, it’s not suppose to look like that in the first place.

Char siew bao, I was craving for buns. The char siew is alright, not too sweet.

Mount Fuji. Would be better if the flavor of macha could be stronger.

– – – – –

I was shopping on ModCloth and checked out 2 items from the site, I just couldn’t resist.

{ Make Your Mark Heel }

If anyone of you want to buy me something as a gift, you can always go to my lovelist on ModCloth. Thank you very much! =P