Was there that I realized that forever was in your eyes.

Beware that this post is going to be image heavy. You’ve been warned.

Yes, we’re back at Cineleisure to watch a movie called, I give my first love to you. Very touching movie indeed, I teared and boyfriend kept asking me not to cry after the movie.

Late lunch at Scape, Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe.

Kept taking loads of pictures while waiting for our food to be served.

Sorry if I’m getting a little too engrossed with animated pictures recently. It’s just fun.


Our bubble teas – red tea on the left and milk tea on the right.

We ordered the super saver meals at only $9.80, comes with a main course, 2 appetizers and a bubble tea.

Braised minced pork with egg rice combi.

Chai poh pork with runny egg rice combi. I simply love rice with lots of sauce!

Must make sure the rice is well mixed. Hahaha!

More picture taking once we’re done eating, too stuffed to move around.

He’s casting a spell on me again.

Don’t act shy.

More animation.

My head looks so tiny.


Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend.

Was supposed to meet my girls at night but had to cancel it last minute, I was already on my way home together with boyfriend…

Luckily, boyfriend had a back-up plan in mind. We went up to the 50th storey skybridge of The Pinnacle @ Duxton.


Yes, that’s me.

With boyfriend.

Hehe. My superman, always.

Seats available at the skybridge but no food and drinks allowed.


Trying to jump down.

Eerie looking sky.


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