Doesn’t matter who you are, all it takes is a little love.

Haven’t seen boyfriend yesterday and I really do miss him. Absense makes the heart fonder, right?

We’re out dating again, this time it’s the National Art Gallery and iLight at Marina Bay. That just makes me a happy girl! =)

Here we are at the National Art Gallery! By the way, it’s already the last day of the Open House.

We heart museums!


Somehow we got in the Cafe or Lounge area.

But… let’s just go to the more important places first.

Inside the City Hall Chamber.

Not allowed to go out to the balcony.


With boyfriend.

The huge brochure.

Lots of other shots taken around the place.

The future National Art Gallery will look like that.

Nice-looking chair.

What are you thinking?

For bankruptcy services…

Kind of… find this area peaceful.

Security room on the right side.

One of my favourite photos, I don’t know why. My current wallpaper on iPhone and has never failed to make me smile whenever I see it. =)

More shots.

They’re not going to let you out.

I call this the vintage lift.

22,000 volts.


When thirst gets to you…

Boyfriend testing my camera.

Nice picture of me! He will definitely pass as a photographer. Haha!

Out and we shall proceed to the next building.



Pretty lamp.

And we’re in! We do not have much time left.

Level 2.

Chocolate bar look-alike ceiling.

The witnesses…

Out at the balcony.

Me looks tiny.

Views from the balcony.

More of us.

Why so serious?

Time to leave.

Yes, I love museums.

No parking.

Time for dinner at Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe.

Plum vinegar drink.

I think boyfriend is trying to cast some spell on me.

Opening the very tight bottle.

Stewed pork rice witth egg.

Preserved vegetable with pork belly rice.

Forgot what tofu this is.

I’m finishing! I’m finishing!

Tadaa! It’s an achievement, alright?

Now, I have to finish my drink too.

Esplanade, on our way to iLight.

Animal Tree.

Lots of orange happy bear.

Jellight. Inspired by jellyfish, obviously.

We took pictures.

Digital Origami Tigers.

By World Wildlife Fund.

Wattfish. Fishing-rod-like poles with hand crank electricity generator, you’ll have to ‘reel’ to light it up.

A Blue Mirage in the City of Light.

Sat down for a short breezy rest.

Lumenocity Singapore.

Hold on to me forever.

Positive Attracts. Imagination is everything.

Human Tiles.

I don’t think this is part of iLight.

Some huge shelter with fan.

My Public Garden.

Boyfriend reaches out for one.

Okay, I know I’m short.

C/C (second ‘C’ facing the other way). Pretty colours and you can sit on it!

Just one last picture. =P

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