Now that I am leaning on your shoulder.

Out dating at Bugis after work, did a little shopping but I didn’t spend any money. Hurray for that!

Walked along Liang Seah Street in search for a nice place for dinner and we ended up at Porn’s, the elephant’s butt is quite attractive. Haha!

White and clean-looking interior. Just realized that was Pornsak at the counter, back facing.

Cute drawings on the wall.

Moo Kar Tiam ($8.90), stir fried pork with garlic.

Pad Thai Hor Kai ($9.90), a version of pad thai wrapped in egg.

Thai Roselle and Lime ($3.90).

Lemongrass Drink ($4.50)

Always giving me this look.


Can we start eating?

I’m not going to wait anymore.

Food is average, did manage to clear most of my share though.

Side views.

Somehow, I kinda like this photo. ♥

One last picture. =)

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