Nothing’s been the same since.

Uncle Lee made this for me because he knew I like bunnies. Cute right? I requested for the heart to be mint. Hehe.

Anyways, went out on a date with Uncle Lee. First stop, K Ki (defined as Cake in Japanese Language), a small cosy shop tucked in a corner of Ann Siang Hill. Do note that seats are very limited.

I really wanted to try the Mont Blanc but it was sold out, had these instead:

LRRH ($8.50) – 70% pure Guanaja silky dark chocolate exterior with some raspberry puree hidden within the smooth mousse for that interesting mix of sweet and sour.

Emily ($8.50) – boozy champagne mousse with a sweet wild strawberry gelee layer.

Latte ($4.00)

Cup of Grypthon Camomile tea ($3.00)

Uncle Lee.

Me with my K Ki~

Just a little bit around the shop.

Dried mini xmas tree, quite cool. Love the autumn colours.

The Little Drom Store is just right beside.

The raspberry puree center.


Walked around.

That is a lot of air-conditioners!

Totally didn’t expect the both of us to wear the same colour combination today, very funny.

And more walking. I just love exploring around.

Woo. Huge lamps.

Wooden letter boxes.


Side by side. =)

Lots of interesting things to see…

Stepped in a musuem of some sort, took quite a handful of pictures of the small figurines. Hehe.

Stopped by China Square and there are vintage stores inside. Me likey!

Pretty Plates.

Old teddy.

Did you see that huge ladle?

Astro boy.

Went all the way to Tanjong Pagar for Once Upon A Milkshake!

Left: Cerious Maple. Right: Spooky Mocha.

Next stop? Look at the pictures yourself.

Reflection at the Helix Bridge.

This looks like a spaceship when you are below it.

Touchscreen directory.

Mini VIP cars.

Have any one of you see this huge round thing outside MBS? It’s fun!

People think it’s a wishing well but Uncle Lee did manage to get it inside the hole though. Hehe.

Well… Did you know that with this huge thing, I could even hear what Uncle Lee was saying when he is right opposite me. Uncle Lee found out about it’s amazing ability.

It’s so funny, I even went like, “Hello everyone. Please stop dropping your coins, this is not a wishing well.” Then, I heard somebody said, “Did you hear somebody talking?” Hahaha! This is hilarious.

Uncle Lee’s initials on the Helix Bridge, the only set we could find because the rest of them are all ‘t & a’ or ‘c & g’.

On the way home, very very late midnight.

– – – – –

He finally popped the question! And I said ‘Yes.’ =)

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