Oh, I’ll show you something good.

Full day meeting and the only choice of food we have? Fastfood.

Even the bag of sauce can fill up one’s tummy.

– – – – –

Dinner with Mum at Swensen’s after visiting Grandma in hospital.

I just love my new Lumix LX5, the focus is just too good. I still need to spend more time to figure a way to take better night shots.

Aglio Olio.

Swensen’s Combo.

Mum has been bugging me to bring her to Udders after overhearing sister and me talking about it 2 days ago.

Front: Snickers and Awesomely Chocolate
Back: Gila Melaka and Hazel’s Nuts

It’s just another fattening day. Ahh~

Get me some sugar.

Finally step foot in Udders! Thank you, Uncle Lee for the company. =D

I had Choya Lime Umeshu Sorbet and ChocMarsh.

Uncle Lee had Green Tea-rrific and Rum Rum Raisin.

Wall of ice cream suggestions, people actually suggested flavours like kimchi and it has the highest votes of 800+.

We drew on the board.

Trying to make me look nicer and cuter on the board, I don’t even have eyes and look evil initially.

Uncle helps me to add on more weird flavours.

Support Kway Chap and Chicken Rice if you’re there! I’ll be back again for more ice-cream.

Candies from Made In Candy! I’m sugarfied. Haha!

What a surprise. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

We’re on a mission.

Waiting for Sarah to appear, we’ve already executed our plan.

Uncle Lee and Kat keeps a lookout.

Kat goes and look for Sarah, pretending she’s sad and needs some company.

While my sister prepares the candles.

The culprits. The girls look like drawfs when the guys are so tall.

Kind of like this picture of me.

Trying to see where Kat and Sarah is.

Sending and posting on FB to wish Sarah a ‘Happy Birthday’, pretending there’s no surprise.

I got this “super-nice” picture of Uncle Lee but I better not put it on my blog, if not he’s going to be angry with me. Hahaha!

On our way…


Group picture.

Candid. Uncle Lee came up with a storyline. Hahaha!

Sarah’s cake.

The girls.

This is very funny. My sister said the guys are too tall in the picture, they just suddenly started squatting down, all together! Hahaha!

Sarah had to squat with them too.

Tine to start digging in.

Goes well with ice-cream! Yums.

This is where Uncle Lee lives and he’s puking foam from his mouth.

My present for Sarah! Prepared long ago.

It’s been a tired but fun day. =DD

Somebody put something in my drink.

Landed at timbre after project presentation with Jen, Nadine and Pamela, even Nadine’s boyfriend joined us. Uncle Lee took his long sweet time to come.

Our drinks, I ordered a mocktail simply because I don’t drink. If got choya, I will order but they don’t have it. Hahaha!

The drink I ordered is called, Virgin Sakura, there was suppose to be a lychee right at the top of the crushed ice but it rolled a little and fell off. Nadine said, “You lost your virgin!” Bwahahaha! Nice one, nice one…

Fries, yum.

Stuffed mushrooms. 5 pieces for $8? Way overpriced.

Duck and mushroom pizza with roast duck sauce. Delicious! I’m craving for it already.

Half-dozen of shots. Tried a sip of it, toooooo sweet. How do they even manage to finish this in one gulp?

You make the rockin world go round.

Finally stepped foot in FatBoys! Have always wanted to try their burgers every time the bus passes by while on my way home.

They’ve got interesting choices for selection and you could even customise your own burger too.

How it looks inside…

I ordered The Elvis, pork patty with grilled bananas and peanut butter sauce. It simply tastes like a dessert burger.

Whimpy Basterd, Fat Basterd will be too huge a serving for the girls.

Bushtucker, kind of bloody looking due to the beetroot, feels like cutting up raw meat.

Sarah’s burger, customised.

Would love to be back again! =)

The exit sign is always on my mind.

Lunched out at Cafe Ti Amo, along Upper Thomson Road. Pasta or pizza set lunch starts from $11.80 nett, no GST and service charge.

Vintage looking bottle but it’s not tobasco, kinda disappointing.

Cranberry juice.

Mushroom soup, it’s like campbell.

Beef lagsagne, too cheesy.

Carbonara, was told that it was too creamy.

Chocolate mousse, the only best item of all, just because I love chocolate.

I personally think for the quality of food, it is not worth going back.

I`ll be yours, all yours, now and forever.

Congratulations to Ivan and Miao Hua! They’re tying the knot today. =)

All my relatives have gathered at my uncle’s house, it’s so crowded but I like it.

See my very cute nephew. Hehe.

Trying to do the ‘peace’ sign. Too cute to resist!

Kelvin getting ready to fetch the bride.

They’re here!

Here comes the bride.

Cameras all ready!

My uncles staying in their own cozy corner, they used to be classmates. LOL.

The guy with the very attention grabbing pink tie.

With Fiona and Flora.

The ritual is going to start.

The camera man taking videos.

We have to stay high up to get better shots of the couple.

The camera man suddenly turns over to take videos of us. -_-“

For the second time, I give up trying to hide.

While I was taking pictures of my nephew.

Then it’s time for the tea ceremony with the cute cups and teapot.

I’ll skip all the pictures taken during the tea ceremony, it’s a very long process because my family is very big. Hahaha.

Food! We’re all famished.

Walked over to Ivan’s house, it’s just a few blocks away.

All of us are waiting for them to open the door.

Didn’t take pictures of his flat, quite a few furnishings are not done yet but we had fun looking through their wedding albums and videos. Could hear us going, “Waaa~ Da Sao very pretty.” Hahaha!

– – – – –

Time for the wedding dinner after a short nap at home.

Signed the guestbook.

We were seated at the groom’s table because my other cousins wants to be seated with their partner’s family.

With brother.


The family.


Bride and groom walking down the aisle.

The cold plate.

The thing I don’t like about being seated here is that the waitress will serve you the food. I can’t take nice proper pictures of all the food. =(

Changed into their second set of attire. I like her red gown.

Popped the champagne.

I went on stage to do the ‘Yum Seng!’ too, my ears almost when deaf and I totally have no idea when they’re going to stop. Hahaha! It was damn fun anyway.

Kelvin and the pink tie.

Simyee again.

This time with her boyfriend.

Xiao-gu’s family.

Auntie, cousins and their partners.

Fiona and Flora.

Uncle and aunt chooi ling.

The picture taking continues…

Cousin Elaine.

and my nephews.

Cousin Wai Jun.

The aircon buddies. Hahaha!

Manage to take a shot with the little handsome guy.


With Carene, we had a hard time staying still because the little handsome guy keeps pushing his mum.

Cousin Loong.

Trying to cover his pink tie.


Love my maxi-dress!

The empty ballroom.

The Loh Family!

Wedding favor.

Camera men.

With my pretty Da-Sao.

And the groom.

Cute teddies on their car.

The end.

This post is too long, I tried my best to cut down as much pictures as possible. Dear family and friends, if you want to see the rest of the pictures, please go to my Facebook instead. Tataa~

Let your clarity define you.

I bought a new laptopk bag from Typo (another brand by CottonOn), to replace the one in office which has a hole bitten by a rat. Damn rat.

The laptop bag looks old school and I love the colour, cost me only $25. It’s only half the price of my old laptop bag!

Totally felll in love with this watch, all just because it’s mint colour. Aww~

Stripy blue sneakers, only $10.

Dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe with Sarah and TC after work. The cafe may look girly and unattractive but they do serve good food.

Amuse Bouche, which comes with the set.

Mushroom soup, not campbell style. Thumbs up!

Chicken Ballotine, boneless thigh meat stuffed with shitake mushrooms.

Jumbo Chicken Leg with mushrooms and potato fricassee.

Chicken Corden Bleu, chicken stuffed with ham and cheese.

I seriously think I’m having too much good food recently. Need to start jogging soon… *looks at the very filled timetable for the most possible date*