Kampar: Day 3

Huge breakfast for today. My must-have for breakfast everyday when I in Kampar, Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Yummiest ever! Only RM3.20.

This is going to be my last cup of ice milo…

Wanton noodles, RM3.40.

Wantons with very thin and smooth skin. *Slurps*

Curry glutinous rice, RM1.50.

Kaya glutinous rice. The kaya is really thick and fragrant!

Thin and crispy crepes. Banzai!

A little shopping around.

My dad always like to buy this lotus seeds ‘things’ but he always never eats them and just let them dry out. Waste money…

Some of the snacks I bought yesterday, wholesale price. RM9 for this big packet of fish snack, I can’t find this in Singapore anymore, I don’t like those in strips.

RM16.50 for this big packet of Crunch chocolates.

Murukku, I think it’s RM4 if I’m not wrong.

Chicken Biscuits originate from Kampar. I think the quality has drop.

Then we are on our way back to Singapore, time for more sleep…

Lunch at the rest stops.

If you want to know more about my hometown, check out this links below.
Wikipedia – Read more on the food section, I’m not lying when I say they are specialities.)
Map – I come from the Mambang Diawan village, you see Chang’s Family Wood Family, my house is around that area. The map is still old, like years ago…

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