Kampar: Day 2.

Woke up at 8am, I usually wake up the earliest whenever I’m back in hometown.

I was brushing my teeth and a saw this kitty drooling away outside the chickens’ crop after my auntie threw a box of ants infested cake for the chickens to eat. I ran back to my room to grab my camera and the kitty has already gotten in and started feasting on the cakes.

Breakfast before we started our day of sweeping graves.

Curry clams, what a heavy breakfast!

I’m don’t think I should be taking curry noodles so early morning. Haha! So this is what I ordered instead.

Traditional cup of coffee, not like those watery coffees in Singapore.

Up the mountain we go to mt great grandparents’ grave, the weather was so damn scorching hot!

Look at this girl here.. Don’t know why the heck she wear so much. Lol…

Right at that spot, too squeezy for so many of us.

The tomb overlooks the other hill of graves.

Closer view of my great grandparents grave, we renovated it before, that was why it looks so pretty now. It used to be just a piece of rock with red wordings and no photos.

My cousins painting the words gold, the paint has been washed off over the years.

Lighting the firecrackers. Hehe!

Huat ah!

Toot-too~ We are going down the hill.

Next stop at my grandfather’s grave, I can’t even see his tombstone! We employed an Indian couple for RM20 to remove the horrendous weeds. They actually wanted us to pay RM40 for just pulling out those weeds? Crazy… Of course, we had to bargain.

Couldn’t stand it while the Indian couple was clearing the weeds, the mosquitos were flying all around and mind you, they were as big as houseflies! I went all the way out to stay away from those irritating mosquitos.

The crazy woman at it again, this time she broke the umbrella. -_-“

Tadaa! All cleared.

This time my fat-ass brother lights the firecrackers.

Third stop: Grandmother
富豪山庄, sounds very rich huh? Haha!

Better facilities here.

I miss my grandma!

She has pretty weeds growing over her grave.

We lighted our last firecrackers.

Time for a cooling down break.

Refreshing cup of coconut juice.

I even bottled some. =P

Last stop: My grandfather’s brother
Past away due to illness and he was young and single, grandma says we must come to pay our respects. That’s why we come every year.

The person lock the gates so early, we had to climb in like some grave-diggers. -_-” It was drizzling!

A very old place.

We had to pay our respect to the gods of the mountain first.

Vintage looking table, I love the legs. If only I could bring it back and do a bit of DIY. Haha! Crazy…

A well.

Washing my feet with the rain water falling down from the roof.

Quite a cool shot. =]

The grave is just over there, quite at the front.

Daddy painting the words.

Lunch at the usual restaurant every time we finish sweeping the graves each year. Some food consists of the roasted meat which we used to pray with.

I think there is 3kg of roasted meat here and we actually managed to finish everything! We are some very hungry people.

Dinner at my aunt’s house, she invited us over but I was very very full, so I still have to eat a bit because she cook a lot for us.

My cute little nephew.

Two very naughty niece and nephew.

My brother, cousins and daddy to to keep holding on to them, so the noise will be down to the lowest possible, damn noisy! Keep running around and they almost knock on my oldest auntie who has stroke.

Talking about their once-upon-a-time…

Seven siblings cum 1 cousin and their husbands or wives, I have a very big family. Just imagine whenever we come back, our relatives in Malaysia will come back too, to just simply gather together. So we can have up to 30 or more people at home, especially during Chinese New Year. Maybe I should just dig out an old family photo and post it on my blog.

Ah Bee and me. He’s so cute!

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