definitely a foodie

shopped for some scrapbooking papers
to beautify my DS casing!

had dinner at Hot Tomato Express
lemon tea and lime juice

tomato soup

garlic bread

pork cutlet rise with olive rice
meat marinated well
and the rice was nice!

roast chicken
chicken is tender and juicy
yum yum!

did some stationary shopping
with sarah and yolyn today
lots of stuffs… heavy lar…

had a little feast at Jack’s Place
prawn and mango cocktail

very yummy!
the mango was sweet~

potato skins


the snail…

seafood salad

cheese cake
*of course i’m not eating this

mango float

made a snack for dinner
cream crab from ikea and wheatables


taste a little too salty…
and i… sandwiched it. haha!

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