Batam: day 1

was suppose to meet yolyn and joana
at Tanah Merah MRT on 9.30am
but i was late lar! angry!

i step out of hse at 8.30
the bus was late and then there was traffic jam
my butt was numb from all that sitting
argh! i reach at 10.05am lo
luckily we were still able to catch our ferry

inside the ferry terminal
lots of people going bintan

joana, me and yolyn pretending suling with us
too bad suling cant join us

yolyn and me

the lonely men… lol…
looking forward to meet their wives in Batam

say bye to Singapore~

the resort lobby was very nice

the scenery from the lobby

walkway to the resort rooms

lift lobby

a very big ‘ornament’ in the lift lobby

our room number

the corridor to our room

our gate! u dun need a key to open this

our balcony

the view from our balcony
feels relaxing just looking at the beach

we were famished!
so we went to the restaurant
the only one in the resort

food there is priced with SG dollars
standard price… like eating in SG restaurants

the old section
which has not yet been revamped
by the way, the section where our rooms are
was done revamping 1 month ago

the swimming pool in front

ice lemon tea

beef goulash, pretty good…

fish and chipssss~

close up
the fish is very bouncy
feels a little funny, haha!

mee goreng


went to Nagoya Town after lunch
taxi fare isn’t cheap lo
how i wish i was in Bangkok

left side of food street in the shopping mall

right side

joana ordered this for us to try
some fried stuffs, like fish cake…

joana suddenly poured this big bottle
of soya sauce look alike thing
yolyn and i was like o_O”
err… why would i need so much soya sauce?

that sauce wasn’t soya sauce, haha…
just some kind of sweet and a little spicy sauce
we have to dip the fried stuffs in it
taste not bad but the fried stuffs
a bit too chewy lar, hahaha…

white otah
have to dip it in the chilli sauce

ayam penyet
the chicken drumstick so small
wahaha! then we observe those in KFC too
also very small! damn funny lar!

feels high class…
dining in GODIVA coffee


avocado drink, yum yum!

found a spot which sells very cheap t-shirts
we kept digging in the trolley
we’re crazy lar!

before it was like this or even lower

and then it becomes…

went back to godiva for dinner
the food there is really cheap
SGD$1 = 6,300 rupiah

pasta cheaper than cream soup?
hmm… something is wrong…

mango and banana smoothie

fried combo


oxtail soup

the resort lobby was very nice at night!
we went ‘woah~!~’ on the taxi
when reaching the resort

watch TV in our room
there is channel 5 and 8 lo
hahaha! we slept around 12am

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