let’s talk about my bday

this is gonna be a very long post

on 1st June…
i went home early
and found a cake in the fridge =)

that’s the cake. yum yum!

sis gave me my presents!
it’s a…

Nintendo DS-Lite!

I just have to top up $120 for the other accessories
the R4 so i could download games and play
and the memory card…
wee~!~ i can play lots of fun games now!

3rd june.
went out for lunch with team at Sushi Tei
boss came along too, tat’s quite hard to come by

california maki


salmon salad

curry udon

tamago with unagi

curry don

mix sushi

i dunno wat this is called

my colleagues surprised me with a bday cake
haha! very funny lar…

making my wish

with boss and colleagues

cutting the cake

woke up early on my bday!
we prepared lot of sandwiches

sis and me

Inuka the polar bear
we watch him catch a live fish
and tear the fish apart. yikes!

the orang utans
one small orang utan urined from the trees
luckily nobody was below. lolx~

gentle zebras




giant tortoise
they’re really huge!

cute honey bear!

quack quack~

there wasn’t any glass panel
and this little thing is really cute!

the baboons… arr…
they always do dirty acts…

we watched the elephant show

greedy bunch of cuties

white tigers
i love tigers, they’re beautiful.

horned pig
it has got 4 horns

we had seafood platter at NYNY
it was disappointing…
look at the size of the plate and the serving
the food sucks too…

cold crab…
definitely not something i look forward to

then we decided to get some baked potatoes
yum yum~ makes our day better

watch movie Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian
Rate it: 4/5
couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen

i shall end here…
still have a little more to continue…

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