i love my hp very much!

went shopping with sis at bugis
bought a frock for $27.90
had lunch at long john silver
i just wanted to try my hp camera

it really is much clearer and sharper!
woohoo~ money well spent

then we went down to PS
i wanted to put on the Gmask on my hp
cost me $38 and i have to wait for an hour

they did it badly…
why dun they just cut out the button part?
it has so much bubbles!!!
$38 and i get this kind of service. yuck…

it’s really disappointing…
sobz sobz… so ugly!

sis and i went to novena
i bought 1 pair of shoe, 1 pair of slippers
and a purple top from cotton on

lovely shoes~

had dinner at pasta de waraku
i just love their pasta
both of us ordered half-half set
and we shared the pastas



chicken and egg

bacon and eggplant

bacon and potato

carbonara waraku style

i’m so hungry! roarrr~!~

just finished packing my luggage
will be staying over at the apartment
where we will be doing our photoshoot
camping camping~

and did some DIY to my hp
i cut out the Gmask on the buttons
looks so much better now
phew~ glad i saved it

no more bubbles!

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