Shu Hui Bday

celebrated at Nihon Mura at Revenue House
the bday gal came late
helen came even later
so we went in e restaurant first

the restaurant has a special ordering system
and we dunno how to do it at all
so we can only wait for shuhui to come

had sushi while waiting for them
cost only 99 cents for each plate

shuhui came and we ordered lots of food!
finally… we were so starved


teriyaki chicken ramen

chicken katsu


bacon with enoki
this is really nice!

with asparagus

with shitake mushrooms


butter hotate

BBQ shitake mushrooms
very tender and juicy!



we were chased out of the restaurant
cos we took really long to finish all the food
sat outside of Velocity, Novena

shuhui guessing wat her bday gift is

the bday gal and me

then it was time for the gift exchange
didn’t meet up during xmas
a really belated xmas gift

flavoured lip balm from wenqing
mine is hershey’s milk choc

the gifts for them
perfume! haha!

look at them sniffing away
trying to find out wat perfume they got

then it was time for the cake!
luckily we only got 2 slices
we were so stuffed!


chocolate rumba

we used chopsticks to eat cake
taken from the restaurant, bwahahaa!

i got xiao zhu’s autographed album!
envy of me mah?

nah… this belongs to wenqing
hehe~ =p

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