xmas eve

held a little xmas party in company
we had a gift exchange session
i was in charge to collecting all the gifts
since my sis was free, i got her to do e job

boxes of gifts

decorated the place a little
gifts area 1

gifts area 2

the food…
consists of turkey, panettone, ham,
swissbake stuffs, breadtalk log cake,
salad and lots of other snacks

our xmas tree

everybody in office
it’s so crowded!

the gifts i’ve gotten
there were extra gifts
cos some of them didn’t come
my sis got a present too

all our gifts

this was from rebecca
given on her last day

USB aroma diffuser from shufen

very cute hp pouch from sarah

a box of chocs from gift exchange

a massager from gift exchange

rented dvds from the PLAY! machine
dvd rental is cheap

watch one of the dvds “The Shaggy Dog”

rate it: 3.5/5
a little lame, but funny
a little touching

I got to wish everybody…
Merry Christmas!

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