wat a great day!

tracy came!
i bought a necklace from her
hehe… special service~
cos i get to choose! haha!

the necklace is soooo…. cute!
my nursing frenz are gonna get jealous

‘an Apple a Day’ by shup from pling!

then had lunch with boss and team
Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant

side dishes

taste like egg prata

Glass noodles

kimchi fried rice

BBQ beef
this is really really yummy!

kimchi soup

rice cake
it’s really sticky, it shld be dessert

grilled saba fish
the flesh is really juicy
with lots of fish oil. nice!

Ginseng Chicken Soup
i dun like ginseng (a types of ‘seng’ actually)
but this soup is really good
luckily the ginseng flavour isn’t too strong

and of course…
Thanks boss for the treat!
this meal really isn’t cheap at all
good food is the best encouragement
for the marcom team! haha!

gonna share some pretty pics
of wedding flowers

lollipop style

‘xi’ flower memo for the guests

was rebecca’s official last day today
got her some farewell gifts

rebecca and me

team and boss (guerlain not in pic)

watch ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’

rate it: 3.5/5

the green chipmunk, Theodore
he’s so cute, so kawaii… ahh~

has a really good start
movie turns boring halfway
it’s like just “sit, stare and watch”
totally didn’t know why i was there
feels like watching TV at home

oh well…
still worth to watch the first half

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