JB shopping

haven gone to JB for a long time!
i think 6 months?
went with mum, dad and sis

had lunch at Wong Kok HK cafe
tried some new stuffs

Love Ocean > ai qing hai
lychee drink with red colouring

love twintower (i think)
blended evaporated milk with flavouring

Star Website is must have! yummy!
potato wrapped in bread and fried

sweet and sour bacon rolls
not nice…

daddy ordered this
forgot wat it is called
anyways… not nice.

stir fried beef noodles
quite good…

of course, we had the black pepper udon
didn’t take pic of it
please see older posts, haha!

spicy soup noodles, sis ordered this
doesn’t look appetizing to me
the soup is spicy and a lil too sweet

seaweed rolls
okay, but i think outer layer is hard

i got a new top
it’s so cheap! just RM16.90
wanted to get a handbag too
but somebody got it earlier than me
argh~ nvm, save $$

took a little break at secret recipe
had Green Apple Katsuri
standard drop?
wasn’t as nice as the last time i had it

city square isn’t really big
so we walked round a few more times
haiz~ really nothing much to buy

had dinner (part 1) at Laksa Shack
they have lots of different types of laksa
we shared 2 bowls, not really hungry anyways

Assam Laksa
tasty, but the soup is a little too sweet

tom yam laksa
why is there milk inside the soup?
dun like this at all…

ABC, it taste like ice kacang

those from hawker stores, are much better

then we went to secret recipe again
haha! had 2 slices of cakes
and Irish Lamb Stew! yummy~

oh ya! we have a real xmas tree in our office
how cool is tat?
haven got time to decorate it yet

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