2 fun events! woohoo~

i’ll start with yday’s event first
xmas event for our flower circle members
at Lawry’s the Prime Rib
yes, i’m still not feeling well

our private room with a long table
decorated with our flowers

close up of the table arrangement

e reception table, my territory

my seat!
obviously… they spelled my name wrong

chef cut!
still as good as before, yum~

dessert: Creme Brulee
there’s a layer of crystallized caramel
crispy and sweet smelling

after the event…
i was being chased home
by boss and my colleagues
but i’ve got so much to do…

oh well~
even if they chase me home
i cant go home yet
cos i haven got a ‘proper’ top
for another event the next day

went bugis, had a drink at MOS
got this box of chocs

koala chocs

they look funny
and not nice at all, low quality

i got my top finally
wasnt feeling well, so i anyhow choose

had dinner at soup spoon
Meatless Minestrone

then we went to try Chewy Junior
it’s a new craze?

double choc crunch
looks like a lot of bugs on top

low quality choc
bun or puff looks like e once famous roti boy
it’s really chewy, or i would say it’s tough
fully filled with some kind of cream
conclusion: not worth it

breaded sausage from a Seoul store
delicious~!~ bread is sweet

today, Merc-benz and HP event
the place where event is held

our booth

table centerpiece

lancome was there too
jessie grabbed and drag me there
i was their first guinea pig!
the person really do heavy make up
so damn thick! oh gosh!

a table reserved for us
free champagne, i only had a sip

there’s free goodie bag from lancome
i got 2 bags! we got e second bag each
cos we exchange with a bouquet of roses

anyways, ppl who were invited to the event
dun have the ‘class’, damn kiasu
1 lady stole some of our rose petals
and secretly put it in her bag o.O

another auntie…
talk so long but she just wanna get
a stalk of rose on our table
think she like ‘somebody’ too, hehe~

when it was time to give out
the free stalk of flower memo pink roses
not by us, but the staff there
some ladies would actually run to our booth
and ask for it… haiyo~ dunno wat to say

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