Charlene’s Bday 07

celebrated Char’s bday
had dinner at Miss Clarity cafe
food was okay, needs lil improvement

self-serve plain water

the oil light which we use to pray

Barley drink

corn and chicken soup

char and ying’s Lamb with Provence Crust

mine Chicken Ballotine
there’s fried potatoes, too chewy
think they left it aside for too long

close-up mushrooms filled

huimian’s Chicken Cordon Bleu

mag’s Bangers n Mash
*dun have the pic now

ice cream of the day

had tea after dinner
teh cino

oh ya, i went shopping yday
collected my ASOS bag
and bought a dress from NESS
pretty! but expensive…

was running a slight fever
haiz~ dun have e mood to care abt it
tried a munchy donut
the dough is ok but they use low quality choc
makes it taste cheapo…

*will update again with more pics

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