long long blog…

haven blogged for days
didnt have the time to blog

was sick on monday
but i still have to work
cos i have so much to do
i still forgot to do some things still
couldn’t focus properly

went to polyclinic on tuesday
waited for 1 hr +
and only 2 patients went in and out
there was still a lot of patients around me

while waiting my sore throat
isn’t sore anymore…
wat the heck?!

i decided to see a private doc instead
he gave me 1 day mc only
anti-biotics, lozenges and cough syrup

wanted to watch Enchanted
but i felt weak and had slight fever
decided to go out for dinner

flu got worse when i was about to sleep
my nose kept running
and my tears were flowing
i wasn’t crying! gosh!

didn’t work on wednesday too
felt a lot weaker
decided to extended my mc
but the doc went overseas O.o
will only be back next monday

back to work on thursday
so many stuffs to do!!
manage to finish most of them, phew~

i practised doing flower memo for HP event
wasn’t really successful…
my specimens 1st to 4th, left to rite

we will have our own corsage
for the HP event…
let u all take a peek at it

with a little purple flowers

boss bought us buns! yum yum…

Tanjong Rhu Pau…

there’s egg inside too!

went out with some frenz after work
shopping for some stuffs
then we had dinner at cafe terra
i had the $9.90 set meal

comes with:
soup of the day

sweet and sour fish with linguine

chocolate chip ice cream

will be going to the IT fair later

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