good and cheap mattress!

went looking for a new mattress
the same old brands…
dunlop and king koil
they’re such a turn off
not good and they’re so ex!

think will be getting the mattress
from ikea tml
and i’ll be get my new quilt and bed covers
hurray! i’m going to eat meatballs

dinner at pasta mania
pepper beef pasta
tasteless. how disappointed

the set meal comes with a mango trifle
i love this!

spicy curry chicken pizza


it’s ikea day!

shopping at Ikea was fun
had hotdog for lunch and dinner
it’s really cheap and good

tried the curry puff too
the potato filling tastes great!

will be going there again very soon
next monday perhaps
i wanna get new bedsheets
and some storage boxes
to clean up my room for the new year!

oh ya! i’ve taken leave on 31st Dec
cos i think i needed some rest
have been feeling physically tired lately
i just couldn’t get up for work
will take this few days to rest properly =)

I have been tagged!

1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint.
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours.
3. Leave a tag on the person’s tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4. Start your post with; I have been tagged!

Favourite Color: all colours, except a few weird colours
Favourite Food: love most food, except some dairy products
Favourite Movie: oh well… read my blog
Favourite Sport: erk~
Favourite Day of the Week: any day is nice as long as i’m in a good mood
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s, Haato

Current Mood: sleepy
Current Clothes: home clothes lar
Current Desktop: customized
Current Time: 11.50pm
Current Surroundings: Dining room… -_-“
Current Annoyances: Dun have…
Current Thoughts: i’m gonna upload tat CNY promo banner to company’s website later

First Best Friend: Frenz 5
First Crush: who remembers?
First Movie: siao… i still baby
First Lie: huh?
First Music: might be twinkle twinkle… might not be too…

Last Drink: canned coconut drink
Last Car Ride: Taxi on monday
Crush: dun need tat
Last Phone CALL: sister
Last CD Played: who still plays cd? gosh…

Have you evers?
Have you ever dated one of your best friend: shopping together lar
Have you ever broken the law : no lar! if not i would have a record, rite?
Have you ever been arrested?: pls see above ans.
Have you ever been on TV: i think so
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: maybe when i was still a baby?

5 things you are good at:

  • Eating
  • Cooking
  • Baking cookies and cupcakes
  • Shopping
  • Sleeping

4 things you’ve done today:

  • Working
  • Facebooking
  • Blogging
  • I dunno lar… 3 more mins to upload tat banner

3 things you can hear right now:

  • Fan, blowing my hair dry
  • The cars downstairs
  • Sound of flowing water from dad’s fish tank

5 People to tag
you, you, you, you and YOU!

merry xmas

blu has passed away
he choose this day to leave me
i watched him gasping for his last breathe
and… he was gone

even thought he doesn’t let me touch him
and he squeaks whenever he’s irritated
but i have taken care of him for a long time

goodbye blu, i’ll miss u

had 2 tubs of ben & jerry
chocolate fudge brownie
and dublin mudslide
yummy yummy yummy!

watch the movie “Material Girls”

rate it: 3.5/5
not bad lar, was kind of boring at first

10 mins more and the day will be over soon
hope everybody had a great day!

xmas eve

held a little xmas party in company
we had a gift exchange session
i was in charge to collecting all the gifts
since my sis was free, i got her to do e job

boxes of gifts

decorated the place a little
gifts area 1

gifts area 2

the food…
consists of turkey, panettone, ham,
swissbake stuffs, breadtalk log cake,
salad and lots of other snacks

our xmas tree

everybody in office
it’s so crowded!

the gifts i’ve gotten
there were extra gifts
cos some of them didn’t come
my sis got a present too

all our gifts

this was from rebecca
given on her last day

USB aroma diffuser from shufen

very cute hp pouch from sarah

a box of chocs from gift exchange

a massager from gift exchange

rented dvds from the PLAY! machine
dvd rental is cheap

watch one of the dvds “The Shaggy Dog”

rate it: 3.5/5
a little lame, but funny
a little touching

I got to wish everybody…
Merry Christmas!

wat a great day!

tracy came!
i bought a necklace from her
hehe… special service~
cos i get to choose! haha!

the necklace is soooo…. cute!
my nursing frenz are gonna get jealous

‘an Apple a Day’ by shup from pling!

then had lunch with boss and team
Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant

side dishes

taste like egg prata

Glass noodles

kimchi fried rice

BBQ beef
this is really really yummy!

kimchi soup

rice cake
it’s really sticky, it shld be dessert

grilled saba fish
the flesh is really juicy
with lots of fish oil. nice!

Ginseng Chicken Soup
i dun like ginseng (a types of ‘seng’ actually)
but this soup is really good
luckily the ginseng flavour isn’t too strong

and of course…
Thanks boss for the treat!
this meal really isn’t cheap at all
good food is the best encouragement
for the marcom team! haha!

gonna share some pretty pics
of wedding flowers

lollipop style

‘xi’ flower memo for the guests

was rebecca’s official last day today
got her some farewell gifts

rebecca and me

team and boss (guerlain not in pic)

watch ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’

rate it: 3.5/5

the green chipmunk, Theodore
he’s so cute, so kawaii… ahh~

has a really good start
movie turns boring halfway
it’s like just “sit, stare and watch”
totally didn’t know why i was there
feels like watching TV at home

oh well…
still worth to watch the first half