mummy’s bday

yday was mummy’s chinese bday
didn’t get her a present
cos it was too last minute
dad suddenly ask me to get a bday cake

didn’t really have a big feast
cos mum keep insisting to save $$
but ended up we had dinner at 3 places

1st stop, ‘chai fun’
2nd, chong pang nasi lemak
3rd, a soya beancurd stall

this is crazy~
we actually ate so much!
did we really save $$?

mummy’s bday cake

will get mummy a bday pressie soon
and give it to her on her english bday

Rebecca gave me a donut today
it’s from Krispy Kreme (HK)
wahahaa~ yum yum.


lots of blueberry filling

mummy brought some chocolates back
ahh~ delicious!

just look at tat choc