YH’s 21st bday celebration

had dinner at Lotus Garden restaurant
buffet style ‘tze cha’? haha…
order all you can eat
i’m feeling damn full, fat ah!

1st: shark’s fin soup

2nd and 3rd: oat prawns, spinach

4th: thai style fish (i think)

5th: green curry

6th: shrimp paste fried chicken wings

7th: xiao bai chye

8th: crispy bean curd

9th: pineapple fried rice

10th: gong bao sotong

11th: i think this is pork fried with yam
i like this dish e most

12th: fish maw soup
there’s something wrong with e fish maw

13th: very big piece of egg

14th: black pepper beef

2 kinds of desserts
sea coconut with almond jelly

honeydew sago

gonna sleep le…
argh~ i feel so fat
diet diet!


saturday outing

went shopping with sis at IMM yday
didn’t get a lot of stuffs
just some usual skin care stuffs

i saw this in Guardian, quite cool
a hot can drinks ‘fridge’?

had dinner at MOS burger

bought an umbrella from Daiso
i must be crazy…
but there isn’t a proper umbrella at home!

the best part of the day
i got a tub of Ben n Jerry’s
chocolate chip cookie dough
yum yum…