Farewell to Phoebe

today was phoebe’s last day
kind of sad… haiz
she was the one who interviewed me
and taught me lots of things
really really grateful

tomorrow onwards
there’s nobody beside me to ask qns
she’s like a big sister to me
ok lar… i’m e youngest there. haha

had lunch at NYNY
last meal together as colleagues

4 of us had London Fish and Chips

Shufen had this

everybody is busy taking pics!
the guys think we’re crazy
phoebe is busy…

Rebecca too…

and me of course!

oh! forgot abt the drinks
root beer float

mocha float

the whole marcom department

gave her a surprise before we leave
timothy hiding below her table
to pass her a bouquet of flowers~

we got her an Espirit bag too

i think this is e only pic i took with her

big group pic

boss got this for all of us from China
different designs lar
but i took this


i have been baking yday
chocolate orange cupcakes
recipe improved!

it’s so yummy
my sis rated it a 9/10

here’s some pics to share

doesn’t it jus look yummy?

mini cake

i took a bite of it. haha!

i tried a new frosting recipe
argh! it failed twice
can’t believe it…
and so i used e old icing recipe
luckily it still come out good

took some pics of daisy too
while i was waiting for my cupcakes
that are baking in e oven

she sits like a chicken in the nest

she has long eyelashes!

why are u taking pics of me?