last few days~

last sunday, went for tuition
but his exams are over lo
my aunt still want me to go
check his homework, blar blar…

cos my aunt went overseas
so she just want to make sure
he finishes his work

but he dun have homework!
haiz~ sianz…
he read his ‘Mr Kiasu’ comic
while i look through his school bag

this is how we used to draw tables too

i actually helped to iron his school pants
gave my email address to him
to register his ‘Club Penguin’ game
and watch him play games

had my lunch there
and make sure he finish his lunch
wat a day! collect my tuition fees too

chubbie is going through puberty now
dropping a lot of fur…
and i kept brushing his fur

i noe i haven’t been updating
my blog much lately
cos i have been watching a lot of shows
hahahaa~ byez, going watch 宫S le!