random updates

have not update for quite a long time le
miss me ba? wahahaa~

watch a movie with dear yday
“Brothers” by a lot of famous HK actors
it’s not nice at all!
rate it: 1-half/5

1/2 mark cos andy lau is good looking
1 mark for the storyline

dun think cos so many good actors
does not mean the movie is good
the tempo is too slow
i fell asleep k… too little action! haiz~

oh well… nvm
i got myself a bar of dark choc snickers
ahh~ very yummy! i like.

went to an advertising exhibition at Suntec today
they have cool stuffs. wah~
i even got a few goodie bags
some are quite good stuffs

had lunch at Cavana
after the exhibition
Sambal chicken cutlet rice
too hot for me le…