last CNY photoshoot

hurray! no more photoshoot from now on
for e time-being, haha

location shoot at Tea Chapter
a very dangerous place
most teapots priced above $200
i dun dare to move around too much

anywayz, here is some cute teapots
12 zodiac teapots

tiger, the head is so big!

the pig teapot, so cute!
i thot it was a mouse at first

monkey, i like e baby monkey!

dim sum steamer basket

square watermelon, haha

there’s something stupid i wanna say
i was shopping at Novena Square firs
and i was feeling hungry
i went to get a curry puff from Old Chang Kee
was happily trying to get e curry puff out

then got this guy ‘tap’ on my shoulder
i mean poke really hard on my shoulder
i just think like which idiot poke me!?
my face turned black…

turned around.
a guy quite plump n definitely nt handsome at all
he hesitated after seeing my black face
i was like… ‘wat e heck do u want’
*he totally made me lose appetite

then he started introducing himself…
Hi, I’m Jowell. Can i get to know you?
i gave him a ‘u are crazy’ stare
and i said no…
gave him another stare again
he quickly said thk u and went away

he better not let me see him again
do i have e ‘i go out with anybody look’
argh! idiot! i was so very hungry, u noe!
dun anyhow ‘poke’ / ‘tap’ people!
no manners!

oh well. gtg. bye~

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