last few days~

last sunday, went for tuition
but his exams are over lo
my aunt still want me to go
check his homework, blar blar…

cos my aunt went overseas
so she just want to make sure
he finishes his work

but he dun have homework!
haiz~ sianz…
he read his ‘Mr Kiasu’ comic
while i look through his school bag

this is how we used to draw tables too

i actually helped to iron his school pants
gave my email address to him
to register his ‘Club Penguin’ game
and watch him play games

had my lunch there
and make sure he finish his lunch
wat a day! collect my tuition fees too

chubbie is going through puberty now
dropping a lot of fur…
and i kept brushing his fur

i noe i haven’t been updating
my blog much lately
cos i have been watching a lot of shows
hahahaa~ byez, going watch 宫S le!

The Game Plan

went for “The Game Plan” preview last night
didn’t get to see The Rock
cos he’s not tat famous to me lar

the movie was great!
rate it: 4/5
funny and touching, worth e $$
but i got e tickets free =p

went shopping at Candy Empire
got myself a box of pretty chocs
haven’t tried it yet

and a tube of Jelly Beans!
i love them…

woke up early for breakfast
wanted to go for Delifrance breakfast buffet
but haiz~ like very fattening hor?

so i went for Long John breakfast instead
Texas Chicken

have you seen $1000 note before?
here it is!

i’ve finished watching 微笑pasta
very nice! must watch!

random updates

have not update for quite a long time le
miss me ba? wahahaa~

watch a movie with dear yday
“Brothers” by a lot of famous HK actors
it’s not nice at all!
rate it: 1-half/5

1/2 mark cos andy lau is good looking
1 mark for the storyline

dun think cos so many good actors
does not mean the movie is good
the tempo is too slow
i fell asleep k… too little action! haiz~

oh well… nvm
i got myself a bar of dark choc snickers
ahh~ very yummy! i like.

went to an advertising exhibition at Suntec today
they have cool stuffs. wah~
i even got a few goodie bags
some are quite good stuffs

had lunch at Cavana
after the exhibition
Sambal chicken cutlet rice
too hot for me le…

Rome? Venezia?

tracy is back from her trip
met up with her yday
she looks much better!
looks more rosy~

had lunch at e HK cafe in J8
teriyaki beef rice

she got us all a bookmark each
it’s so pretty!

hope she updates her blog soon
so i could take a look at e pictures


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shopping alone

did a little shopping at Causeway Point
bought quite a few stuffs

2 tubes of ZA facial foam/gel
for only $10, cheap!

St. Ives body moisturizer
only $1.95

earrings from ILT

this pair of dragonfly ear studs
only cost me $1

soup spoon, ben & jerry’s

had dinner with mag and ying
at soup spoon
huimian was there too
but she had soup earlier than any of us? hahaz.
anywayz she left early to meet her bf

beef goulash

mushroom soup

upgrade my soup to a set
so it comes with a half sandwich
tuna mayo

had Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia! yummy~

i love it!
big pieces if cherry and chocs
wahahahaa~ happy!

spree spree spreee~

my clothes from taiwan and US
keep coming…
i have to keep going to Singpost and collect
wahahahaa~ so many clothes in 1 week
not gonna post on all of them

my new skirt from taiwan
it’s so cute, thx to wenqing
for helping to to order it
cos i’ve already ordered a lot in e spree

this only cost me TWD195 = SGD12.06
front pocket

back pocket

tube top from Wetseal
cheap and quality is good!
i love this~

last CNY photoshoot

hurray! no more photoshoot from now on
for e time-being, haha

location shoot at Tea Chapter
a very dangerous place
most teapots priced above $200
i dun dare to move around too much

anywayz, here is some cute teapots
12 zodiac teapots

tiger, the head is so big!

the pig teapot, so cute!
i thot it was a mouse at first

monkey, i like e baby monkey!

dim sum steamer basket

square watermelon, haha

there’s something stupid i wanna say
i was shopping at Novena Square firs
and i was feeling hungry
i went to get a curry puff from Old Chang Kee
was happily trying to get e curry puff out

then got this guy ‘tap’ on my shoulder
i mean poke really hard on my shoulder
i just think like which idiot poke me!?
my face turned black…

turned around.
a guy quite plump n definitely nt handsome at all
he hesitated after seeing my black face
i was like… ‘wat e heck do u want’
*he totally made me lose appetite

then he started introducing himself…
Hi, I’m Jowell. Can i get to know you?
i gave him a ‘u are crazy’ stare
and i said no…
gave him another stare again
he quickly said thk u and went away

he better not let me see him again
do i have e ‘i go out with anybody look’
argh! idiot! i was so very hungry, u noe!
dun anyhow ‘poke’ / ‘tap’ people!
no manners!

oh well. gtg. bye~