mag’s bday 07

celebrated mag’s bday today
it has been over so long le
it’s time for us to meet up
and catch up on our lives

had dinner at V8
food is not nice there…

our milk teas

passion fruit, honeydew, pink guava and lychee
i miss sweet talk’s milk tea

charlene’s chicken… dunno wat

the menu says e pita bread
low in calories, has got selenium
increases immunity and erm… sperms
the vege isn’t nice, bread is tough. erk

mag’s spaghetti with mixed mushrooms

mag says it’s very not nice
i think it tastes garlicky

mine chicken cutlet
so damn oily… Eee…
they really do count e onion rings

huimian’s was V8 signature dish

then we had desserts at ‘ji de chi’
in english is ‘remember to eat’
had beancurd with peanut paste
not bad, but they say e other stall is better

all four of us

i wanted to show u all a trailer
but i dun have e link now
sobxXx~ give u all e link tml

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