hotel, mooncake and muffins

went out to view hotels

taken at e lounge of Negara Claymore

they look so chocolaty

think this is the best hotel
i have seen…
but it’s so expensive O.o

bed of executive room

i love their bathroom
OMG! it’s the best bathroom ever!
sorry i didn’t take a pic of tat, haha

e boss of e company tat prints our catalogs
came and gave us mooncakes
it’s delicious! doesn’t look like mooncakes at all
From Harbour City Restaurant

my sis brought home some muffins
from Amoy Food Center
Orange choc, apple, blueberry and mix fruit
these are not dry at all, tasty!

blueberry – close up

apple – close up

sis will be getting more muffins on sat
yeah! yeah! i want more!
maybe i should find some time
and bake some muffins. hmm~

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