photoshoot: week 2, day 1

taking photos of gourmet product
the best part of all?
we get to eat them! wahahahaa~
but gourmet is e hardest to shoot

it’s not my turn to help today
but i keep walking over to eat
i very itchy mouth hor?
but i did help out a little too

very nice pretzel pieces
tastes like sour cream n onion
has strong flavour and crunchy

yay~ chocolates!
where has it gone to?

some of them in our tummies
yummy! i love chocs!
more of them on a plate as props

pretzel pieces and ginger boys
i think i need to improve on the recipe
of my gingerbread cookies

bread in the shape of a muffin
erm… i forgot wat’s e name, too long

going go hotel shopping tml
prepare for CNY photoshoot
yeah~!~ dun have to stay in office
and keep facing the computer

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