bday surprise

was my colleague, snow white’s bday today
decided to give her a surprise
Phoebe and I went out to get a Bakerzin cake

we oso got a ‘Happy Bday’ balloon
and a bedtime bear from our compay
got the boss of delivery department, Esther, to join in
asked her to help deliver the ‘products’

the fake consignment was written
“From: Da Bao”
wahahahaa~ funny lo
she actually believed it at first
and got so frightened!

Esther scare her saying that
it might be words of ‘I Love U’
on e cake…
she almost didnt dare to open it

laugh till stomach cramp lo
She’s damn touch~
wahahaa, kept hugging her bear
so childish lo… hehe.

and ya…
i haven celebrated mag’s bday!
sorry mag, we’ll meet up with u soon
hope there won’t be any OTs next week
cya soon~!~ miss u gals lots!