must watch!

this is damn good!
i like it!
thx to Rebecca for sending this to me
must share with everybody

click here

enjoy! =P

chinese garden

had free complimentary ticket
to chinese garden
courtesy from my company
1 adult costs $12 lo
so ex… so must go mah

turtles welcoming us


i find this dragon king ugly

the eight immortals

happy feet!



this shark looks stupid

there were fireworks too!

clam with 3 pearls

isn’t this pretty?


i love this most. Polar Bears!

bye~ time to go home!

mag’s bday 07

celebrated mag’s bday today
it has been over so long le
it’s time for us to meet up
and catch up on our lives

had dinner at V8
food is not nice there…

our milk teas

passion fruit, honeydew, pink guava and lychee
i miss sweet talk’s milk tea

charlene’s chicken… dunno wat

the menu says e pita bread
low in calories, has got selenium
increases immunity and erm… sperms
the vege isn’t nice, bread is tough. erk

mag’s spaghetti with mixed mushrooms

mag says it’s very not nice
i think it tastes garlicky

mine chicken cutlet
so damn oily… Eee…
they really do count e onion rings

huimian’s was V8 signature dish

then we had desserts at ‘ji de chi’
in english is ‘remember to eat’
had beancurd with peanut paste
not bad, but they say e other stall is better

all four of us

i wanted to show u all a trailer
but i dun have e link now
sobxXx~ give u all e link tml

x’mas photoshoot: last day

work ended at 11.30pm today
i’m so tired and sleepy!

log cake at this time of the year?
wahahahaa~ it’s from N.Y.D.C

my slice of cake
i think it is a little too sweet

and ham too, yummy~

i didn’t get to eat it

i had to spread honey over
e turkey and ham
to make them look delicious

lumpfish caviar
very salty…

wild berry in wine
quite nice, it’s e alcohol which i dun like

i showed something like a muffin in e last post
tis is choc n raisin bread in e shape of a cake
very tasty!

hotel, mooncake and muffins

went out to view hotels

taken at e lounge of Negara Claymore

they look so chocolaty

think this is the best hotel
i have seen…
but it’s so expensive O.o

bed of executive room

i love their bathroom
OMG! it’s the best bathroom ever!
sorry i didn’t take a pic of tat, haha

e boss of e company tat prints our catalogs
came and gave us mooncakes
it’s delicious! doesn’t look like mooncakes at all
From Harbour City Restaurant

my sis brought home some muffins
from Amoy Food Center
Orange choc, apple, blueberry and mix fruit
these are not dry at all, tasty!

blueberry – close up

apple – close up

sis will be getting more muffins on sat
yeah! yeah! i want more!
maybe i should find some time
and bake some muffins. hmm~

photoshoot: week 2, day 1

taking photos of gourmet product
the best part of all?
we get to eat them! wahahahaa~
but gourmet is e hardest to shoot

it’s not my turn to help today
but i keep walking over to eat
i very itchy mouth hor?
but i did help out a little too

very nice pretzel pieces
tastes like sour cream n onion
has strong flavour and crunchy

yay~ chocolates!
where has it gone to?

some of them in our tummies
yummy! i love chocs!
more of them on a plate as props

pretzel pieces and ginger boys
i think i need to improve on the recipe
of my gingerbread cookies

bread in the shape of a muffin
erm… i forgot wat’s e name, too long

going go hotel shopping tml
prepare for CNY photoshoot
yeah~!~ dun have to stay in office
and keep facing the computer

bday surprise

was my colleague, snow white’s bday today
decided to give her a surprise
Phoebe and I went out to get a Bakerzin cake

we oso got a ‘Happy Bday’ balloon
and a bedtime bear from our compay
got the boss of delivery department, Esther, to join in
asked her to help deliver the ‘products’

the fake consignment was written
“From: Da Bao”
wahahahaa~ funny lo
she actually believed it at first
and got so frightened!

Esther scare her saying that
it might be words of ‘I Love U’
on e cake…
she almost didnt dare to open it

laugh till stomach cramp lo
She’s damn touch~
wahahaa, kept hugging her bear
so childish lo… hehe.

and ya…
i haven celebrated mag’s bday!
sorry mag, we’ll meet up with u soon
hope there won’t be any OTs next week
cya soon~!~ miss u gals lots!

Tea Chapter

had an event at Tea Chapter this evening
it was fun!
the place is cozy and nice

level 2: corridor

the so-called chinese seating

japanese seating
where our event will be held at

tea equipment which we are going to use

i was e one doing registration
haha~ event started late thou
cos e guests came late
but response was much better this time

the appetizers

Bakerzin mooncakes

‘heart shaped’ peanut tea biscuits

teacher Patrick demonstrating us
e way to do tea appreciation

finally our turn to do hands-on!

my 1st cup of tea. ahh~

our meal
lotus leaf glutinous rice
that’s e best of all!
and an tea egg

end of e day
goodie bags to go home with!

more OT more $$
hip hip hurray!


xmas photoshoot starts yesterday
went to play around on e 1st day
haha~ quite fun
you’ll know when we launch the stuffs

pretty gerbera

it was my turn to assist today
yeah~ not much to shoot
so we took our own sweet time
in the end, still OT until 10pm
wah! crazy le

mini xmas trees

i’m gonna die tml
for distributing wrong company t-shirts
where have all those hong kong t-shirts gone?
boss is gonna kill me
somebody please make them appear…