Launch of Collection and Blossoming Tree 2008

updates on the launch event
rained a little yday and we all prayed hard
it ended well, we’re all happy

Raffles House @ Fort Canning Park

booth: hotel room

booth: office

empty ceiling without flower chandeliers

the flowers, not ready yet

my sis was part timing for e day
she had fun too! hahaz~
we went around putting up direction signs
it was hot and tiring but still fun

i found this ant’s nest on a tree

flowers on e walls of Raffles House

flowers on side railings of stairs
i helped to put it up

flower chandelier done
isn’t it gorgeous?

the team of the event

was really busy during e event
doing registration
there’s quite a lot of quests
and i keep forgetting to give them their stuffs

there is magician show
and a portrait artist
food was good but too dry
lots of leftovers

my managers tried to make boss
strip for photo shoot, haha
even took out $100 to pay
they still failed… oh well

i had a portrait of me drawn
it doesn’t look like me

*will update again

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