event is coming soon!

will be going to fort canning park
tomorrow afternoon
to set up stuffs for e launch event
hurray~ i love this job!

lots of fun awaiting for me tml!

early in e morning 4 o’clock

i overtime till 4am!
9am till 4am… wah~
super power rite?

our products have launched
on the website: visit
have to do lots of checks
missing pics, wrong price, blar blar…

i put all flowers in one category
which i wasn’t suppose to
haha~ i do till crazy already
so my manager have to help delete
xie xie ni! thank you!

our boss allow us to start work at 1pm
and even treat us supper last night
was a great night, yupz

i really didn’t want to leave my bed
felt like i only slept 5 mins
but i didn’t wake up e whole night

i heart is pumping fast
think my body is still tired
not good… will have heart failure de
jia you! 3 more days to go!