more, more, i want more!

went shopping with sis today
had lunch at Yoshinoya

yakiniku beef
okay but a little too sweet

rutan beef
nothing much, like original
but this is more worth, haha

bought a top for $16+
cheap! nice, nice~
sorry, only get to see e print of it

bought my sis cosmetics
face powder, blusher and mascara
cos she doesn’t have any
not cheap arh~!~

got a top for my company’s launch event
from ‘MU’
i like the shopping bag

the handle part…

the sides, stitched

got a bottom from G2000
for just $19, hoho~

had dinner at Ajisen
pork curry ramen

miso cha shu ramen

almond prawns

argh! i spend so much money
save, save, save…