NDP celebration ’07

we went shopping at Marina Square
there was lots of people everywhere
saw a very nice dress
but it doesn’t fit well, too bad

i bought only one thing
crocs flower accessory

then we went to clarke quay
for dinner at Tampopo!
all the food there is really delicious
makes u feel like going to heaven

wenqing’s Sukiyaki Don

top grade loin katsu

look at e meat
so juicy and fresh!

shuhui’s stone grilled beef curry
beef is soft, has strong yummy fragrance
wah~ *saliva dripping*

i even added extra stewed eggs
how could i give it a miss
it’s ‘xian dan’, haha~

our bill for six people

then we went out, look for a nice place
to watch fireworks
thx to my brother for his info
i know when it’s coming soon

here’s e pix of fireworks

this is e place with lots of memories
our first outing, cos of project
our first photo was taken here
it’s lost already anywayz
*nevamind, we look ugly in it

with dear, UOB tower

frenz 5

dunno where this is

with dear

and this is wat helen
got for me from hong kong
a little too cute for me…

oh well, got to go sleep le
still have work tml, byez~

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