Carl’s Junior ‘n’ my anti-doze meds

dinner at Carl’s Junior
woohoooo~ so nice!
shared a combo and ordered another beef fries
1 burger, 2 beef fries and 1 large drink

portobello mushroom burger

chilli beef fries

and tadaa~!~
$10 worth of chocs from candy empire

something to perk me up during work
so i won’t doze off when there’s nth to do
hahazZz~ yeah, sometimes i finish my work fast

do ya know wat i like abt my job?
cos i’ve got my own desk
it’s a sense of belonging
i dun have tat ‘feeling’ if i’m a nurse

i’m gonna take up a degree next year
will still register as a nurse
but not gonna be one soon

i’m so sleepy!

have been making invitation cards
calling guests to RSVP
and sending the mail

i saw Kym Ng after sending the mail
at e petrol station
nah, didn’t look at her for a long time
just glance and walk off

i got my pay today
wahahahaa~ beri beri happy
more money! i wanna buy more stuffs!