watched Ratatouille after work today
wanted to watch 881 actually
but e seats ran out!
only front row seats left

ratatouille was really really a nice movie
so farnie! i neva felt bored for a sec
everyone go watch it
oh~ i love e ending

rate it: 4-half/5

ramen from S11 for dinner
tom yam ramen

dan dan ramen

fried dumplings

last meal? hope not.

yday was my manager’s last day
we decided to treat her lunch
at Din Tai Fung


xiao long bao
love e soup which flows out

pork chop noodles

yummy yum yum~
food sure was great!
we gave her lots of cute farewell gifts
hahazZz- too cute, kawaii…

work was boring today
i actually think they pay me to surf web
oh my gosh~
i was counting down to get off work
waste of time…

it was raining non-stop
when e sky finally took a break
i went out to send some mail
and stop by e cheers at Esso

bought these to kill time and boredom
heard these are good

they’re even better than i think it is
feels and taste like ice cream, delicious!

yday and today

went to company’s D&D last night
wahahaha~ fun fun!

door gift, a little radio

e necklace i wore

my colleagues and me

my first time at a D&D
and i won in lucky draw
128th prize-
ok, that’s quite funny.

$30 worth of NTUC vouchers
*i spent $10 today

i’ve been baking cupcakes today
starting from scratch
didn’t use the cake mix this time
i succeeded!

i neva fail any of my 1st times
trying new recipes
wahahaa~ nth difficult for me

who’s gonna resist these?

tell me u dun wanna eat it
i shall gobble all of it up myself

took lots of pix of daisy
pretty pictures!




chubbie too…

full of crab

my manager treated us to dinner
i’m feeling so full now
6 girls. think it cost around $200++?

it’s at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
called Mellben
opposite Mayflower Secondary
they sell really superb crabs

we had yam with scallops,
crispy tofu, 2 mushrooms with veg,
oat prawns…

crispy tofu

oats, it has a little lemon fragrance

butter crab, very very nice~

chilli crab, e claw is huge!
it takes time to finish this

curry crab, i think it tastes like oat prawns

we actually finish all of it
gonna diet tml liaoz

goodie bag

got a leftover launch event’s goodie bag
everybody wanted one
who doesn’t want it,
since it has good stuff?

goodie bag

a leather organizer

– $10 chocz
– $20 Seafood International
– $100 Lawry’s Prime Rib

dress shopping

i dunno wat to wear for D&D
theme: world carnival
oh my gosh~!~
like racial harmony

i just get a dress that i like
look a little chinese
hope it does, haha…

had ice cream from Azabu Zabo
Hokkaido Ice cream
i think e one from Liang Court, Haato
is much more delicious

cookies n cream, black sesame

had dinner at Kobayashi

my sis recommended me this place
told me it’s very nice…
she seriously didn’t have
good food for a long time

chicken katsudon
you can’t even see the egg
sauce is tasteless

curry ramen
totally tasteless!
i added a lot of soya sauce and chilli powder
they call this food?

my clothes from Taiwan
are reaching soon
hurray~ pls come faster

Launch of Collection and Blossoming Tree 2008

updates on the launch event
rained a little yday and we all prayed hard
it ended well, we’re all happy

Raffles House @ Fort Canning Park

booth: hotel room

booth: office

empty ceiling without flower chandeliers

the flowers, not ready yet

my sis was part timing for e day
she had fun too! hahaz~
we went around putting up direction signs
it was hot and tiring but still fun

i found this ant’s nest on a tree

flowers on e walls of Raffles House

flowers on side railings of stairs
i helped to put it up

flower chandelier done
isn’t it gorgeous?

the team of the event

was really busy during e event
doing registration
there’s quite a lot of quests
and i keep forgetting to give them their stuffs

there is magician show
and a portrait artist
food was good but too dry
lots of leftovers

my managers tried to make boss
strip for photo shoot, haha
even took out $100 to pay
they still failed… oh well

i had a portrait of me drawn
it doesn’t look like me

*will update again

tml is e day! Launch~

fun, fun, fun~!~
spent half e day at Raffles House
setting up e place
e place looks great!

i fixed up 2 easel stand
so hard to fix it
just like a 1000 piece puzzle

my manager and i was crazy
finding out where each part shld be
but i solved e mystery in e end

shall continue with setting up tml
launch will start at 6.45pm
hope everything goes well

i’ll try my best to take more pics
and show all of ya! byez-

early in e morning 4 o’clock

i overtime till 4am!
9am till 4am… wah~
super power rite?

our products have launched
on the website: visit
have to do lots of checks
missing pics, wrong price, blar blar…

i put all flowers in one category
which i wasn’t suppose to
haha~ i do till crazy already
so my manager have to help delete
xie xie ni! thank you!

our boss allow us to start work at 1pm
and even treat us supper last night
was a great night, yupz

i really didn’t want to leave my bed
felt like i only slept 5 mins
but i didn’t wake up e whole night

i heart is pumping fast
think my body is still tired
not good… will have heart failure de
jia you! 3 more days to go!