a nite with selene, gift shopping

here is the pics, we took
on the day we meet up with selene

all of us at Xing Wang HK cafe

mag and me

selene and me

charlene and me

gift shopping on sunday afternoon
with serene, WQ and SH
tat person so ‘ma fan’
dunno wat to get for her

anywayz, i was hungry
there was this food fest at taka
look at wat i got, korean street snack

sausage wrapped with bread and fries

this is very filling
felt full after eating this

some kind of fried meat balls

BBQ pork with kim chi sauce

oh~ work has been busy
my eyes are gonna pop out soon
keep searching and renaming pictures
and the pics look almost the same

a new colleague is coming on thursday
which means, me e only assistant
is gonna attend to 4 executives
and 1 manager…
wahahaa~ i’m a superwomen

shopping spree

work was quite busy yday
i’ve been making phone calls
asking for prices of diff stuffs

then went out with selene and all
so long neva see selene le
she lost a bit of weight
it’s still the same old her
nth much has changed

she’s going back next sat
but i cant sent her off
coz i’ve got work to do
oh well~

went shopping at causeway point today
brought a pair of crocs for $44.90
nice mah?

i’m gonna wear tis pair of crocs
to work everyday
got it cos it’s comfy and nice

i got this jacket from IP zone
gonna leave this in my office
so i dun have to bring jacket everyday
cost $23 only, cheap hor
i like the colour, it’s attention seeking

i went to SPCA on tuesday
it’s isn’t as big as i think it is

took a look at e rabbits
but all of em are too big
too big to bond with chubbie
haiz~ there isnt a lot of rabbits there

this cat is so lazy, just lie there
kept looking at me
and so i played with it a little
i touch its paw, so cute~

in e mean time…
we’re gonna adopt a rabbit soon
but chubbie is still sick
couldnt bond him wif another rabbit yet
might just foster e rabbit first

this is chubbie, head still tilted
with his new litter box and hay holder

first day at work

oh well
it was like nth much to do
cos e others are too busy
i just helped with uploading pics

had lunch with 2 ‘mei nu’
at e coffee shop opp Thomson Hospital
ordered beef hor fun
has lots of sliced beef, tender and yummy
i cant finish lo

tml might have lots more to do
will be editing and updating
190 pages of info
shall just take my time to do it


i think Chubbie’s head tilt
is gonna be permanent

Dr Ling gave him e last jab of Ivomec
and is going to stop his meds in 1 week
but he doesn’t have much improvement

anyways, got him a new litter box
cos he keeps rolling
and kicks all his bedding outside
it’s quite irritating to keep clearing it

going to change his diet
to the Japanese brand
might adopt a female bunny after 3 mths
to accompany Chubbie

saw nice pet carriers from Yahoo! auctions
cost $55 each, but really damn nice
haiz~ why am i unemployed
if not i would have gotten it

red carrier

blue carrier

mini me

dug up photos of me in e past
i’m too kawaii~

this is baby me

dunno which park this is…
but i’m still cute

daddy’s bday
my daddy very handsome lo

my bro’s 1 year old bday

3 siblings together

bro and me
see e ‘daikin’ truck behind?
tat was wat we used to get around with

in a little pink gown

i love this pic a lot

well, that’s all for my ‘mini me’ pics
went down to e pet shop today
bought chubbie a hay holder
and a big bag of timothy hay

hay holder

gone over the rainbows…

Cherub, my hamster has left me
and gone over the rainbows
this blog is just for her

the time when i first got her home
so small and tiny

doesn’t bother abt you as long as
there is something to eat

at first, i wasn’t cherub’s owner
but i had to bring her back
cos of e irresponsible owner
think i would go to his hse more often
if cherub is at his hse

i really hated his hse,
really hated going to e hse
of somebody i hated

cherub would have starved
if i wasn’t for me
i do not want an innocent live suffer
cos of me…

i had of think of ways
even ‘scheming’ ways to get money
to feed and let cherub have a good life

i encourage my bro to get 1 too
knowing tat he would not
clean and feed his hamster himself
i collected a certain fee from him every month

of course his hamster had a good life too
he had lots of toys and stuff to play

this is cherub’s cage

loves applesauce

oh ya…
e time when her leg got caught at e cage
i paid for the vet fees $50
he did not even pay a cent k

gotten fat

drinking water

this was her tank
i was afraid of e cage
didn’t want her to get hurt again

on her running wheel

little fat cherub eating

i love this pic

getting old over time
losing lots of hair
stumbles everywhere she gets to
till she had to move with 2 hands
her lower limbs are giving her problems

sleeping comfortably

got trap in her food dish

this is cherub before she left me
midnight 3+ am
had transfer her to a small tank
i gave her a last piece of apple


jus came back from a movie
rate it: 4-half/5

it’s damn good!
must go watch
never ending action
i’m gonna download and watch it again

mum gave me a super power mint sweet
has outer and inner capsule
it’s just like a fish roe
good~ clears ur nose fast, immediate action

public coin phones are coming back
good for ppl like us
e.g. if we forget our handphones
who brings a phone card around?