helen’s bday 07

celebrated helen’s bday at vivo yday
had dinner had The Mussel Guys

helen got us chocs from a choc fair

it’s costs $4.50 each

Mixed sauteed mushrooms

pathetic, 2 mushrooms sliced
and where’s the ‘mixed’?

spicy chicken wing
this is nice but a little salty

sambal chilli chicken chop

grilled chicken fillet

seafood baked rice

grilled sirloin steak

lamb chop

helen, me and serene

shuhui and wenqing

we got a bday cake from bakerzin

Jivara cake – we love it!
crispy base, strong hazelnut flavour
ahh~ i want more!

helen with her cake

her gifts from us
a top, handbag and fossil wallet

she was so busy with her gifts
we left her alone and took pics without her
hahazZz~ she has changed her wallet at last!

we might be going to the zoo
on National Day
hurray~!~ fun fun fun!

know wat?
i made 100++ phone calls today
neva made so much phone calls in a month
and today… all in 1 day
wahahahaa~ breaking my own record

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