a day of relaxationz-

had tuition for my nephew
he always have some ‘new stuffs’
to show off…

this time it’s a transforming Lays ball
original colour

you have to throw e ball
it somehow flips

tadaa… colour changed

made another cage
for my new bunny
didn’t take a pic of tat
e cage is bigger than chubbie’s cage

anyways~ i miss chubbie a lot!
he’s getting better
not rolling as much as before
his head is not so tilted

i tried making choc orange cupcakes
must perfect my skill of baking

e small cupcakes

i bake big cupcakes
woo~ they look so yummy

bare cupcakes…
where’s my icing?

top with choc icing
yummy! yummy! yummy!

dun you wan some too?

going vivo later
celebrate helen’s bday
dinner at figs & olive
hmm… sounds nice

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