KEN noodles

finally had ramen at KEN noodles
we’ve postpone it lots of times

the little cozy restaurant

stewed egg ramen


wasn’t wat we expected
we were disappointed
soup wasn’t nice, was so-so only

e forums tat we read from
said it was really good, blar blar…
haixXx~ i felt cheated
even AMK S11 food centre sells better ramen

the stewed egg

compare it with Tampopo’s
which is heavenly~

i seriously prefer Tampopo more
though it’s more expensive but worth
comes with free flow green tea
while KEN has only ice water

more more!

went to a printing film
they print catalogues, restaurant menus
it’s so fun! love it~
compare the colour differences
then add yellow, add blue… red…

here’s e very nice fish otah from clementi
mum and dad got it today

not too spicy
with big chunks of fish meat

dunno where dad got this
cute and they have nice colours
so i just took pictures of them


do u noe tat i might
be adopting a rabbit on sunday
yes! e one with white eye rings
heh heh…