my lunch box for tml
fish head curry, lady’s finger
and gong bao chicken cubes

woo~ e steam egg i cook yday
was so nice, smooth like jelly
i love my lunch box
e egg doesn’t stick to e box

harry and my new lunch box

had dinner at S11 food centre, AMK central
cheap and nice ramen~

hot spiced beef ramen

chicken cutlet ramen

headed down to the NTUC at AMK hub
search around for nice lunch boxes
there wasn’t much choice

here is my new lunch box
biokips lunch box

watch ‘Harry Potter’
rate it: 2-half/5
too much talking, little action
i almost fell asleep…

prepared my lunch box just now
woohoo~ looks so yummy!
fish soup, hotdog and steam egg
who wants some?

looks yummy ya?

gotta sleep early… yawnz~