a nite with selene, gift shopping

here is the pics, we took
on the day we meet up with selene

all of us at Xing Wang HK cafe

mag and me

selene and me

charlene and me

gift shopping on sunday afternoon
with serene, WQ and SH
tat person so ‘ma fan’
dunno wat to get for her

anywayz, i was hungry
there was this food fest at taka
look at wat i got, korean street snack

sausage wrapped with bread and fries

this is very filling
felt full after eating this

some kind of fried meat balls

BBQ pork with kim chi sauce

oh~ work has been busy
my eyes are gonna pop out soon
keep searching and renaming pictures
and the pics look almost the same

a new colleague is coming on thursday
which means, me e only assistant
is gonna attend to 4 executives
and 1 manager…
wahahaa~ i’m a superwomen

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