shopping spree

work was quite busy yday
i’ve been making phone calls
asking for prices of diff stuffs

then went out with selene and all
so long neva see selene le
she lost a bit of weight
it’s still the same old her
nth much has changed

she’s going back next sat
but i cant sent her off
coz i’ve got work to do
oh well~

went shopping at causeway point today
brought a pair of crocs for $44.90
nice mah?

i’m gonna wear tis pair of crocs
to work everyday
got it cos it’s comfy and nice

i got this jacket from IP zone
gonna leave this in my office
so i dun have to bring jacket everyday
cost $23 only, cheap hor
i like the colour, it’s attention seeking

i went to SPCA on tuesday
it’s isn’t as big as i think it is

took a look at e rabbits
but all of em are too big
too big to bond with chubbie
haiz~ there isnt a lot of rabbits there

this cat is so lazy, just lie there
kept looking at me
and so i played with it a little
i touch its paw, so cute~

in e mean time…
we’re gonna adopt a rabbit soon
but chubbie is still sick
couldnt bond him wif another rabbit yet
might just foster e rabbit first

this is chubbie, head still tilted
with his new litter box and hay holder