gone over the rainbows…

Cherub, my hamster has left me
and gone over the rainbows
this blog is just for her

the time when i first got her home
so small and tiny

doesn’t bother abt you as long as
there is something to eat

at first, i wasn’t cherub’s owner
but i had to bring her back
cos of e irresponsible owner
think i would go to his hse more often
if cherub is at his hse

i really hated his hse,
really hated going to e hse
of somebody i hated

cherub would have starved
if i wasn’t for me
i do not want an innocent live suffer
cos of me…

i had of think of ways
even ‘scheming’ ways to get money
to feed and let cherub have a good life

i encourage my bro to get 1 too
knowing tat he would not
clean and feed his hamster himself
i collected a certain fee from him every month

of course his hamster had a good life too
he had lots of toys and stuff to play

this is cherub’s cage

loves applesauce

oh ya…
e time when her leg got caught at e cage
i paid for the vet fees $50
he did not even pay a cent k

gotten fat

drinking water

this was her tank
i was afraid of e cage
didn’t want her to get hurt again

on her running wheel

little fat cherub eating

i love this pic

getting old over time
losing lots of hair
stumbles everywhere she gets to
till she had to move with 2 hands
her lower limbs are giving her problems

sleeping comfortably

got trap in her food dish

this is cherub before she left me
midnight 3+ am
had transfer her to a small tank
i gave her a last piece of apple

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