back from chalet

back from chalet since yday
but wasn’t free to update
cos i went to NDP preview

our chalet, costa sands pasir ris


went to White Sands to do marketing
for our BBQ food



melting chocolate. heexXx~
best part of all

melted chocolate

and some cut fruits
makes chocolate fondue

a toad came and attack us

it took a like 2 hrs to wait for everyone
to finish bathing
girls are slow… haix~

watch 200 pounds, some ppl cried
hahazZz~ i didnt cos it was my 2nd time watching
then time for sleep at 6am in e morning

i like e ceiling

walk to downtown east
had subway for lunch

wenqing and me at subway

we wanted to go escape
got 4 free tickets
but it’s closed on friday
haixXx~ stupid rite

look at this stupid thing

rent bikes and off cycling
but it started raining halfway
sadzZz~ anyways, we did cycle for 1 hr
for 2 hrs of bike rent

the beach

serene and me

shuhui and me

time for BBQ again
we’ve got leftover food
i started the fire lo
i’m good~ haha.

me starting e fire

we actually sat on e floor in a circle
and BBQ… nice and comfy

food was much better this time
dunno why, hmm-

yummy sambal fish

talked about some stuffs
giving advise and comments
and wenqing hide some stuffs from us
for so long, naughty gal

time for chocolate fondue again
this time with more fruits


fondue was a failure this time
cos we added in choc bar
e chocolate jus clump together
how sad…

while waiting for everyone to finish bathing
we take turns to play monoploy

went to e park to play with sparklers
pretty ya?

and took lots of pic with our light sticks
looks so pretty~

playing with it

me with my light stick

our light sticks

with Qiting

slept at 5am
and woke up at 9am
everyone is so damn tired

packing up

all 5 of us

check out and went to White Sands
for Mac breakfast
Serene forgot her wallet
and went back chalet to get it

thats all for our chalet…